Sunday, 7 February 2016

I Got That A Lot

I heard that a lot from people around me. 
When I was a child, I thought that life was easy because I did not need to struggle to achieve something as I could ask my parents to get it. As I grow old, I learned a lot from my experiences that I need to fight to get what I want. Everything will not come easily. Then, I realize that to get a perfect life is not easy.

Everybody wants to be happy in life. I also want to live a perfect life. I want that great job or a successful business. I want to be married to Mr. Right. I want to have great kids. I want to have friends that stick by us come rain or shine. I want to be able to have all the material things life has to offer and have all my problems just disappear.

There are so many people living on this planet, and all of them have their own views on what life means to them. There are optimists, pessimists, realists who have rather different views considering the events happening in their life. If I say that life is a challenge, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I perceive the world in a dull way – it means that I can understand that life is not always a piece of cake, but in this feature there also can be seen the beauty of life.

There are many different moments in my life when I'm sad or disappointed; often there is injustice and various events that are bitter and very unpleasant. I cannot totally avoid these aspects of my life, as it is always interrelated with the other people and everything can drastically change any moment. A lot of people find these challenges to be too hard for them and in such situations they just choose not to interfere in the course of affairs and complain about their life, as if someone sympathizes with their misery. But as for me, I choose to perceive these challenges in such a way that they polish my character and make me a better person.

Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are also a part of it and should be accepted by us just as we accept the beautiful side of life.

The thorns remind one of how success and happiness can be evasive and thus not to feel disappointed and disheartened rather remember that the pain of thorns is short-lived, and the beauty of life would soon overcome the prick of thorns. Lastly, just enjoy our life because it becomes more meaningful.

" Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and 
realize they were the big things "

Friday, 8 January 2016


       Judgment is actually the act or process of forming an opinion or making a decision after careful thought, the act of judging something or someone. Besides, it is the ability to make good decisions about what should be done.

Why do so many people feel the need to make fun of and judge others?
This question crosses my mind daily. I wonder why we, as humans, feel the need to judge and degrade others.

Well, I believe that everyone judges other by their appearance, and those who deny that are either hypocrites or simply wrong. Unfortunately, the presumptions about others are totally unavoidable no matter how much effort we put in, trying to follow the good saying " Don't judge book by its cover " and be open-minded. 

     It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, whether it’s to our family members, peers or even celebrities we see in the media.But it's important how you do it and how much you base on it. We base our judgments of ourselves and others on these comparisons.

In addition, people are different. No two people are completely alike. We need to accept these differences and stop judging people. It is hurtful to them and makes the people ridiculing them look bad. Even if one does not verbalize their judgments, it does not mean their insensitive thoughts are acceptable. It goes with the saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

For my opinion, I think it’s unfair for me to draw conclusions and opinions about others without knowing them. It is because I don't really like people judge me without knowing who actually I am. While walking on campus, it’s easy to look at the person walking past me and make quick judgments. These judgments are usually based upon their outward appearance. But, when my mind start to judge someone, I'll tell myself that they must have a reason why they're acting like that. As a human, we need  to accept others for who they are and not make fun of them simply because they are different from other person.

For example, a 24 year old boy seeing out from the train's window shouted, "Dad, look the trees are going behind!", dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the boy's childish behavior with pity. Suddenly he again exclaimed,"Dad, look the clouds are running with us!", the couple couldn't resist and said to the old man, "Why don't you take your son to a good doctor?", the old man smiled. He said, "We are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today."

Every single person on the planet has a story. Don't judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you!! 

Last but not least, who are we to judge how others act, look, dress or who they hang out with? To make fun of a peer is immature and shows people around you that you are close-minded.
All in all, I hope that more people start out with open minds and reduce the amount they talk about, make fun of, and judge others. Once more and more people begin to do this, it will result in a happier life for all.

Always remember, treat others how you want to be treated.

Friday, 18 December 2015

A Movie based on True Story That Inspired Me

  Today’s post is different from usual. I'm going into the topic of movies – specifically, inspirational movies with meaningful life lessons for us to learn.

To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of movies based on true story. I’m very selective as to what movies I watch, and in most cases I don’t just watch to be entertained. I want to take away from a movie something that I can readily apply to my life. Sometimes it’s a word. Sometimes it’s a phrase. And sometimes it’s an action that I can perfectly apply it in my life. 

Here, the movie that give me motivation is "A Beautiful Mind".

It actually is an old movie by now, and it comes to be a great movie about severe mental illness illustrating the patient’s perspective.

John Nash is an awkward man, not good in social situations, but an amazingly talented mathematician. He is so good, in fact, that he spends most of his time trying to find a revolutionary discovery in mathematics. I like to think of it as a “Life formula”, or a discovery that will never happen. The twist of the movie, which happens about halfway through, is that Nash is suffering from a severe form of schizophrenia, and half of the situations that exist in his life, are only part of his “beautiful” mind. 

One imaginary character that he creates is his roommate, Charles. Nash gets along very well with Charles, which makes I suspicious from the start, seeing that John Nash doesn’t really get along well with anyone else. The other character that Nash creates is named Parcher, who is working to solve a conspiracy case of an atomic bomb threat towards the U.S. When the conspiracy situation goes wrong in Nash’s head, that is when he is in need of mental help. He is taken into a psychiatric hospital, and receives intense treatment. 

Upon returning home, the visions are suppressed, but so is every aspect of John Nash’s beautiful mind. He no longer can think right, feel right, or act right. He stops taking the medication, and loses another battle with his schizophrenia. Instead of going back to the hospital, he tries to battle the hallucinations on his own. This is the turning point of the movie, where Nash learns how to really live his life.

Schizophrenia has been defined as “split mind”. It refers not to a multiple personality split but rather to a split from reality that shows itself in disorganized thinking, disturbed perceptions, and inappropriate emotions and actions.

I learned that we have to live our life with joy and just follow the flow. Nash spends all of his days trying to find a formula that will change life. The irony, is that life doesn’t work out if we try to solve it like an equation. It is only when we let go and let life happen to us, that we will find our true happiness. We can get a terrible life if we try to solve it like nonexistent formula.  

I discovered that life is more than making a discovery, or solving an equation. Actually, there are love and emotions involve. Instead of focusing his time on himself,Nash decides to go back to teaching classes, and shares his amazing knowledge with his students. All this, while ignoring the characters that took over his mind. This is where an amazing inspirational quote is mentioned by John Nash, which I will mention here:

“Are the hallucinations…gone?”
“No, but I’ve gotten used to ignoring them, and as a result, they’ve kind of given up on me. I think that’s sorta what it’s like with dreams and nightmares. We’ve gotta keep feeding them for them to stay alive”

That is one of the most true and inspirational quotes I have ever heard. Dreams will gradually disappear, if we do not focus on them, and take constant action towards them. Nightmares will continue, as long as we feed them our attention. John Nash wins a Nobel Peace Prize at the end of the movie, for his contributions to society. A Beautiful Mind is a movie about the importance of enjoying every day of life, and not getting caught up in ridiculous theories or fantasies for a future that may never be. If we don’t focus on the present moment, it may be the biggest regret in our life. Embrace life each day, don’t embrace a fantasy world.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How would your life be different if you know you only have a year to live?

There are only a year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds to spent my life before dying. " I have a year to live?". A year sound like a long time, isn't? But my life would be totally different from my normal life. And I don't know how to spend my days anymore. What can I do now? Crying? just act like normal? or just kill myself so that i'm not be in pain anymore There a lot things keep playing in mind and I have plenty things to do before I die. 

Things will be different if I have only a year to live as I cannot do the things that I want to do because I don't have so much time left. I could not get married and of course I could not have any child. The saddest thing is I'm not being able to buy a new house to my parents with my salaries. I feel like I'm so pathetic because I could not do anything.

If I had only a year to live, I would throw caution to the wind and live without worry and fear. I would speak my mind all the time, I would let everyone know exactly how I feel, what I think makes sense, what I think is stupid and cowardly, hypocritical and self-defeating, I would not be intimidated into silence.

But, before I die, I would make the things that I want to do become reality. I really don't want people around be be sympathy for what happened to me. So, I will use the time left wisely.

Okay! Now I get it. I need to accept the truth because I can't run away from it.This is the TRUTH. Before I die, I want to have some happiness and joyful memories with my loved ones .

"Whether I end up on the other side of eternity in a month, in a year or in a few decades, I plan to have fun in this four dimensional world and when I do go, wherever I end up I hope to remember this life lesson."

The most important things is I would love.

It has always been my goal in life. 
I wouldn't be scared to call my friend, family, for telling them how much I love them, how much I'm glad they belong to my life. I would laugh, every minute that I have left. I would tell all the things that i'm actually afraid to tell because of the fear to seems weird.

I would call my best friend who hates me today, to tell her how much I miss her, how much I love her, and how much I regret what happened to us. That I would like her to come back in my life, because my last moments would be much better with her.

I would wake up Mum and Dad on an early morning on Friday, like when I was a little girl, by jumping on the bed with my sister and brother, to finally have a breakfast in family, thing we never took time to do again. Just to make the most of them. Have a last moment of innocence. 

" The love of a FAMILY is life's greatest blessing"

I would hug them as strong as possible to impregnate their smell on my skin. And do not regret anything. 

I would say every single thoughts that cross my mind and sit with my family so I could tell them how much they matter to me. 
I would enjoy these 365 days  like if every minutes were a gift and take pleasure in the simplest things. 

I'd spend my few days in actually realizing my past mistakes and will ask  for the forgiveness for those who I hope can forgive. Forgive those I need to forgive.

I would arrange to visit all my wonderful friends for the tour, making sure to advise them of how much they have meant to me over the years, to reflect on out times together, and advice them of my hopes and dreams for all that matters to them.

" A faithful FRIEND is the medicine of life" 

I would see every sunrise and every sunset. For the beauty of the moment.
Wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, to see the sunrise over the mountains with a cup of tea and sandwich, wrapped up in a old sweater of my Dad. And my favorite book on my knees.

I would wake up every morning enjoying the sun on my skin and the air in my lungs. 
I would take deep inspiring long walks in the oldest forest that I can find. I would laugh to every joke and smile at every stranger. 

I would take the time that I never took to discover me. To listen to me, what I love, what I hate, what I feel about being.

I would do all the crazy things I would normally be too scared of doing because of the consequences, like getting married.

I would give all of my money to charities, whatever is left at least.

I would share, my pain, my sadness and my joy of living. 
Be selfish enough to give everything that I have for the last time, to receive a thousand times more. 

I would read, learn, see, listen, teach, love, feel everything, just for the euphoria that Life offers to us. 

So, i will live my life as it's my last day! I will appreciate every moment that happened to me.

Life is like camera,
Focus on what's important,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives, 
And if things don't work out,
Take another shot.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

10 Tips On How To Be Confident To Speak In English

Hi everyone! *smile*

There a lot of you feel not confident when speak in English, right?

"I scared that audience will notice grammatical errors in my speech."
"I am afraid that people don't understand what I want to tell because of my bad pronunciation " 

We tend to be nervous because we fear to make a mistake. But, it's normal and totally okay.  So, I want to share some tips to be confident in speaking English. Well, you can practice it in your daily life and all the best to you!!! Fighting!

  • Fake it till you make it
          Means that you need to pretend to be good at something and pretend to be confident. So, people will  have positive thought about you.

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes
         Yes, mistakes are good! Making mistakes is very important because you can see which areas you need to work on.  The key is to try not to make the same mistake twice. Don't let fear of saying something wrong stop you from speaking at all. Even you think you're making mistake, just continue speaking .

  • Repeating television or radio lines or song
          Repeating television or radio lines or songs.Turn on your favorite English station and try to mimic what you hear.  This will help you with proper pronunciation, grammar, understanding various phrases, and to practice the speed of everyday speech.

  • Reading out loud
           By reading out loud, you will develop fluency, which is the art of speaking smoothly and having the words, phrases and sentences flow. It’s okay to stumble on a few words or have to look a word or two up in the dictionary. Hey, you can even skip a few words. Just continue to read.

  • Get a conversation partner
         Before you speak in front of a large group, find a conversation partner with whom you can practice. You can even do this on Skype. Go ahead and tell the person that you are nervous and that your goal is to become more confident. Once you admit it, the hold that fear has on you may weaken.

  • Practice, practice and practice
          You can practice speaking in front of the mirror and rehearse out loud with all the materials that you had prepared. The more you practice, the more natural and well-spoken you will sound when it's time to speak. And the better you feel like you know what to say, the more confidence you'll have when it counts.

  • Be prepare
          Before you give some speech or something, you need to prepare the task given. If you know a lot about something, it will help you to be more confident when you have to speak about it. 

  • A special technique
         Finding a technique that works for you can also help you feel comfortable when speaking aloud. You may find that simple breathing exercises can quickly make you seem calmer.

  • Self-talk
        Positive thinking can replace negative thoughts in your mind and lead to a better self-image. You must get in the habit of praising yourself for a job well done, for trying something new or for any other behavior that you would like to encourage.

  • Never give up
          If you want to work on never giving up, then you have to have the mentality that there will always be more ways to succeed in the future. Stay optimistic and being positive makes you see all of the good things in your life. Keep learning so that you'll be able to achieve success.

I hope all this tips can help you in order to build up your confident. All the best :)

Lots of love

Challenges In Acquiring English Languange

English language is one of the most spoken language around the world. English might be a popular language to learn, but this doesn’t mean it is a simple language to be master. Okay, let’s me ask you a very long question:

"What’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with right now when it comes to learning English?"

I guess many of you have difficulties when it comes to English language, isn’t? Even 12 years of school study do not make us mastery over English. I think that’s normal and I’m sure many of us have this kind of feeling. 

So, I like to list down some problem that I need to face in acquiring English language. 
Here we go!

10 challenges that I face in acquiring English

1.Sometimes, I have lack of motivation to do well in acquiring English.     Maybe, the reasons for a lack the motivation is that I have no ideas     of what I want to do or can’t see benefit from learning English. 

2.I get so embarrassed when trying to speak English. I definitely           remember situations when I’ve made a mistake when speaking or             attempting to speak, and that has made me feel insecure,                 embarrassed     and ashamed of my level of spoken English. 

3.English is boring language because there is no fun when learning it. I   always learn the same topic; grammar, writing, speaking, listening and   reading and repeat it every time.

4.Negative feedback from people around me is worse when I’m trying to      speak in English with them. They always want to tease back and laugh      at me. It make me want to give up in English language.

5.English grammar is complex and has some really strict rules. It hard     to follow the rules as I have tendency to be careless. I’m also use it   wrongly.

6.Vocabulary is often a challenge to me, particularly when it comes to     verb variation and understanding which tense I should be used in         various situations

7.It hard to me to watch English movies without subtitle because I can’t   fully understand them. They talk to fast and use different slang so I     can’t capture what they’re trying to say.

8.I’m often do not use English language in my daily communication with     my friends and family because I find it hard and awkward to do so. 

9.I dislike reading English novels as I take a long time to finish it.     When I don’t know the word, I need to stop my reading and open the       dictionary to find the meaning in order to understand the story.

10.I am bad at pronounce the new words because one letter does not          correspond to only one sound. As a result, it’s challenging to learn      the pronunciation of a word simply from its spelling.

So, I need to face all the challenges and try to solve it in order to master in English. Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build our strength and character. All the best and fighting! 

         BE AFRAID
           TO FAIL,

          BE AFRAID 
            NOT TO TRY !

Lots of love

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The New Me

Hello everyone!

If someone asked me to use two describe the path I have lead in my life till now, I would have to say it has been one of hardship and determination. The difficulties that I had faced make me to be a better person in my life. I often difficult to get what I want but I always remind myself to not easily give up. At the end, I manage to get what i want. 

Actually, I have low self-confident level especially to talk in front of people. After SPM, I decided to participate in English camp for three months. At the moment, I think this is the perfect time for a turning point in my life. I learned how to be more confident in front of people as I need to present the task given almost every week .

At first, I’m quite nervous, how if someone notice my terrible grammatical errors and what would I answer when someone ask me a question. Luckily, I have a supporting lecturer that always encouraged me that I need to overcome it and don’t be such a coward if I want to be a successful doctor. With determination, I managed to overcome it and now I’m quite confident of myself.

As usual, laziness is the common critical disease among student. I tend to study at the last minute which exam just around the corner. I didn’t even make a proper preparation. I’m so lazy to study earlier, lazy to do the revision and lazy to talk to people. But when it comes to thing that make me feel good like watching movies and reading novels, I will never be lazy!

Living the boring life like this for 18 years make me want to change in order to be a better person in the future.

People around me often say that I’m unapproachable person and I definitely agree with them. I don’t know why I love to be alone while thinking what I need to do after this. I have tried everything to be more talkative but I feel like being talkative is not suitable with me. That was not so me *laughing*. But, actually I’m a crazy and talkative person with my close friend. I’m also not barely to told the other about my secret and my personal issue unless I totally trust her because I had a bad experience before, so I didn’t give my  trust easily. Trust like a paper, once it’s crumple, it cant never be perfect again. Isn’t?

Now, I’ll change myself to be more friendly *please support me**wink*.

Lots of love,


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